Waking Minds is proud to have collaborated with a growing number of individuals and organizations across the country, including those seeking psychotherapy and major organizations in need of strategic revision to improve teams and increase their social justice impact.

“If you ever have the privilege and the opportunity to work with Rachel, you will be blown away by her expertise. She truly has a brilliant mind.”
— Teresa S., Clinical Consulting

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"I have consulted with Rachel about my own clients and she has advised me using her compassion, integrity  and comprehensive clinical knowledge to share best practices. If you ever have the privilege and the opportunity to work with Rachel, you will be blown away by her expertise. She truly has a brilliant mind." - Teresa S., Consulting Client

“Rachel is absolutely phenomenal. She was extremely informative and also very supportive. I felt like I was in the best hands possible and that she truly cared about me and wanted to help me at all costs.” - Counseling Client

“Rachel helped me to regain control and understand my options during a crisis in my life. She was thoughtful, affirming, and more helpful than I possibly could've expected. I truly appreciate her.” - Counseling Client

“Rachel did a wonderful job of helping me work through my thoughts and experiences, and she was so kind!” - Counseling Client

“Rachel's balance of acting in her professional role while being comforting and supporting is incredible.”  - Counseling Client

“Out of all the people I have worked with over the years, there are few that I’ve respected and admired as much as Rachel. Rachel is smart, thoughtful, open, non-judgmental - all of the things that a person would want in a therapist and a colleague.” - Molly Kocher, LMHC, Psychotherapist

"Having worked with Rachel at the beginning of her career I was really struck by how much thoughtfulness, dynamic thinking, cultural competence, social justice perspective, and kindness she brought to her work.  The depth of her skills have only improved over the years and I am delighted that she is sharing her knowledge and talents with the larger community in addition to direct work with clients." - Ben Kudler, LICSW, Psychotherapist

“Even with a background in counseling, I have never heard someone speak so eloquently about the effects of trauma, and more importantly from an identity-conscious, inclusive lens. For a program like ours that serves primarily first-generation, low-income youth of color, I am so grateful for the insights and support Rachel offers that not only provides our organization interventions for healing, but honors the dignity of our students." - Tiffany E., Retreat Participant

“It becomes clear incredibly quickly that Rachel not only knows what each step looks like for a client, but also that she cares about every person related to the situation in a unique way that sends a clear message that she is there as an advocate, supporter and resource.” - Alison W., Client Advocate

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