Waking (verb): to become aware of; to stir something to come to life.


Waking Minds is a counseling and consulting practice led by Rachel DiBella, LICSW, and is dedicated to the pursuit of self-love, personal growth and social justice. A Boston-based organization, Waking Minds serves clients that range from individuals seeking psychotherapy to major organizations in need of strategic revision to improve teams and increase social justice impact. Change always begins with individuals, and Waking Minds works with clients to the scale of their vision-- whether in one-to-one services or supporting an entire staff.

Contact rachel@wakingminds.org for a consultation


For Individuals

Waking Minds offers individualized therapy and coaching services for adults seeking support across a range of needs.

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For Institutions

Leading a non-profit or public organization? Waking Minds works with educational, healthcare, and faith-based institutions to support you and your staff.

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For Corporations

Businesses of all sizes can improve morale, team development and productivity with Waking Minds consultation and training. Book a workshop or retreat today.

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