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Waking Minds offers tailored, personalized and supportive consultation and training services scaled to fit the needs of corporate clients. Whether your company is endeavoring to improve morale and climate issues, or aligning performance with the mission of your organization, Waking Minds provides thoughtful, effective review, reflection and action steps to advance your team's abilities and improve social justice impact.


  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Supportive & Discussion Group Experiences for Teams
  • Addressing Trauma & Sustaining Morale in the Workplace
  • Gender Harassment & Equity
  • Violence Prevention & Title IX Compliance
  • From Policy to Practice: Adopting Anti-Oppression Principles

Organization & Office Retreats

  • Gender & Intersectional Identities in the Workplace
  • Honoring Diversity & Rethinking Inclusion
  • Mission & Vision Planning
  • Organizational Performance Review
  • Adoption of Anti-Oppression Principle s

Workshops & Training

  • Gender Harassment & Equity in the Workplace
  • Being a Bystander in the Age of #metoo
  • Diversity & Inclusion Workshops
  • Developing a Mission-Driven Environment
  • Designing & Facilitating Engaging Presentations

Keynotes & Presentations

  • Encountering & Overcoming Oppressive Practices in Ourselves
  • Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care as Social Justice
  • Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence
  • Building a Community of Active Bystanders in the Age of #metoo
  • Leveraging Leadership for Social Change
  • Honoring Diversity & Rethinking Inclusion

“It becomes clear incredibly quickly that Rachel not only knows what each step looks like for a client, but also that she cares about every person related to the situation in a unique way that sends a clear message that she is there as an advocate, supporter and resource.”
— Alison Q., Consulting Client